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telescopic steel covers


ETECTS is a machine protection system provider, we  have specialized in this area since 2014. ETECTS provide design to production one shop stop solution. Currently, our main products include fabric bellow covers, steel clad bellows, backwall system, machine roof cover, apron& roll up cover, cable carrier etc. ETECTS manufacture bellows individually for your application.

  • Shape and size both customized 

  • Fabric bellow covers attached with extra stainless steel cover,ideal solution protect machine guide rail, ball screw etc from hot sharp-edged chips and debris  

  • Fixed or Hinged (hinged design has overhang – good for vertical applications)

Steel Clad Bellow Covers

rubber bellows

  • Applications with special requirements we also offer bellows made of Soft PVC,rubber disks or coated fabrics 

  • Soft PVC bellows are resistant to oil, alkali and acid as well as water and dust

  • Typical applications are piston rods or spindles with high ambient temperatures, or cardan shafts

  • Excellent compression dimensions

  • Subject to heavy wear, high pressure conditions or high temperatures

Round Shape Bellows


  • Maximum compression and flexibility for wide range enviroments

  • Industrial coated fabric bellows are great for dust protection, laser machines, and guideways that donʼt see a lot of chip loads

  • Coated fabric bellows can be assembled using the heat-selaed, glued, or the stitched method

  • Our bellows can be made as a folded bellow to cover multiple sides, as a flat bellow to cover a single side, or round bellow for protecting shafts and other cylindrical machine components

  • Different Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Octagonal, Odd Shapes

Coated Fabric Bellows

machine bellows covers
roll up covers


  • In some applications, there is not enough room for a bellow cover, in others, a complete cover is not necessary

  • Offer effective protection against small amounts of chips and coolants

  • With steel housing,long extensions, protecting operator from hurt.



Roller Cover For Tight Space

  • Open along inside and outside radius both available

  • Modular interior separation with strain relief

  • Easy assembly by optimized pin 

  • Double stop dog for long unsupported length 

  • Crossbars with high retention force 

Cable Drag Chain--durable with strength nylon PA66

cable drag chian
backwall system


  • Ideal for multi-axis slideway and CNC feedback device protection

  • Assembly-ready with all necessary parts

  • Assembly-friendly, using a compact building block design

  • Resistant to damage from high dynamic forces

  • Individually engineered to your specifications and space requirement

  • Configured to your specifications, combined with telescopic steel covers, lamella bellows, or flex protect covers

Backwall system--modular faceshield


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