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Steel Cable Drag Chain

steel cable drag chain.png

      Steel/Metal Cable Drag Chain 

  • Steel drag chain is conisit of sturdy side plates,aluminum alloy cross bar, optional vertial or horizontal separator (or with customized hole stays), shaft pin, spring washer etc.

  • Bridge type and full enclosed type metal drag chain are both available, various size to meet specific needs.

  • Galvannized steel cable cairrier have performace of corrssion-resistant, acid-resistant, heat resistance, smooth reciprocating motion, long serve life span,tough construction.

  • The steel cable drag chain can  protect large quantity heavy load of cables, oil / water pipes, hydraulic, hoses from deformation, twist, abrasion,tangle etc.

  • Steel cable carrier widely used in steel plant, crane,contruction industry,wood processing industry,conveying and lifting equipmet,handling machine, spacial machinery etc indoors and ourdoors rough enviromental conditions.


Two ends pre-drilled mounting brackets for steel cable chain

steel drag chain.png

Steel energy chain  with customized  openable aluminum alloy stay holes


Alloy aluminum cross bar attached with moveable vertical plastic  separator


Parts profile, rigid structure contribute to steel drag chain's sturdy propery


  Bridge Type Steel Cable Drag Chain 

  (alloy profile)

  • Customized stay holes finished to diameter of cables&hoses

  • High strength/rigidity, superior durability steel drag chain

  • Extensive unsupported lengths with large load

  • Tough construction without hanging down, bright zinc plated steel cable carrier

  Bridge Type Metal Cable Drag Chain      with Plastic Separator


  • Alloy aluminum cross bar attached with movable plastic separator/divider to meet different space need.

  • Durable and long serve life

  • stainless steel cable chain perfect protect cable,hose, hydraulic etc from deformation, twist, abrasion,tangle etc. 


  Full Enclosed Steel Cable Drag Chain    with aluminum cover plates


  • Self-cleaning cover plate design for avoid hot chips, debris, wood shavings etc

  • All parts of metal drag chain are galvanized with decent appearance

  • Anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion,heat-resistance, smooth gliding


  Closed Type Steel Cable    Drag Chain

  • Protect cables, hoses, pipes etc from deformation, twist, abrasion,tangle.

  • Zinc-plated,beautiful and decent appearance.

  • Various size metal drag chain to choose from


Steel Cable Chain Application

steel drag chain application.jpg

Steel drag chains are simple guides that are used to encompass different types of hoses and cables. A steel cable chain helps to minimize the wear and tear on the hose or cable it protects, while also helping to ease the degree of tangle&twist that can occur with extended lengths of hose sometime

long unsupported metal cable carrier.jpg

Stainless steel cable carrier widely used for​ CNC machine tools, machining centers, automated machinery and production lines,robots, transport machinery,  handling device, cable&gas& hose protection device, mills, special machines, wood machinery, and much more.The steel cable carrier of each section can be open, easy to install and repair.Operation with low noise, wear-resistant, high-speed movement.  Metal cable carerier can customize according to customers' different application requirements,

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