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telescopic cover for cnc machines


telescopic way covers

Telescopic Cover for Machines

 Telescopic steel cover protect guide rail & slideway of  machines

  • Telescopic steel cover are designed to protect slideways and precision machine components from sharp /hot chips, sparks, dropped tools, cutting oils and coolant etc

  • Telescopic steel covers are designed to move along machine axis. Customize design with precision, individual shapes to match your machine

  • Steel telescopic covers is a traditional form of protection for machine parts. In this field, steel telescopic guide rail shields are widely used and plays an effective role in machine protection system

  • Optional components can be integrated to telescopic steel cover to improve durability speed and access to the machine.

  • Telescopic covers contribute to reduce workplace injuries and also bring benefit to machines’ aesthetics. Custom designs specifically for your machine guideways.

cnc telescopic cover
telescopic cover for cnc machines

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