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coated fabric bellows

Backwall system--modular faceshield


Backwall systems protect multi-axis machine parts from chips and coolants during the production and milling process.


To protect the axles, bellows with stainless steel fins, the fabric bellows are used. With these bellows, stainless steel lamellae protect the bellows from hot and sharp-edged chips


Designed for fast travel and high dynamic loads, face shields are ideal for protection around the machine tool spindle. Our face shields are built to specs based on application, load, aesthetic value and cost.

  • Ideal for multi-axis slideway and CNC feedback device protection

  • Assembly-ready with all necessary parts

  • Resistant to damage from high dynamic forces

  • Individually engineered to your specifications and space requirement

  • Configured to your specifications, combined with telescopic steel covers, aluminum aprons, lamella bellows, or flex protect covers

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  • Modular design multi-axis bellows whicn easy to install on X, Y-axis or X, Y, Z-axis.

  • Convenient access to maintenance.

  • Hign traveling speed



  • XY Face Shield suitable for CNC horizontal machining center



  • We provide customize protection design for spindle movement

  • Ideal for protection around the machine tool spindle



  • X Y face shield is completely assembled before delivery, modular design allows for individual components to be repaired without replacing the whole system.

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