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round bellows

Round Bellows Cover for Ball Screw Shaft & Cylinder Rod

round bellow cover

      Round bellows,shaft bellows 

  • Round bellow cover are popular used for industrial purpose, like protecting shaft, lead screw, air clinder,hydraulic, pneumatic bars, pistons, spindles, linear guides, measureing machines etc, also applied as flexible connections where vibration, movement or misalignment involved.

  • Shaft bellows can be produced without mold cost and are an economical solution for lower quantities. Idea for there have limited space, circular bellows has a good relation between Lmin and Lmax.

  • Round bellow cover protect parts from dust, oil, water, chemical, abrasive, hot metallic shavings, glass dust  high temparature etc.

  • Customized round bellows exactly meet the application needs,  cuff ends, zipper feature for easy installation and future access , various function material to choose from, custom two ends flange for connection purpose.

round bellows with cuff ends

circular bellows two ends attached with plastic or metal flange, pre-drilled hole 

circular bellows

round bellows with cuff ends

cylinder rod bellows

cylinder bellow cover equip with center ring prevents rub between bellows and shaft

sewn bellows

cylinder rod bellows with zipper feature, easy installation and future access

rod bellows

  Rod Bellows with pre-drilled metal flange

  • Lead screw

  • Precision shafts

  • Round shafts

  • Irregular shape shaft

  • Ideal for shaft cylinder

hydraulic cylinder rod boots

  Sewn Bellows with copper zipper


  • zipper feature is essential for installation and future access

  • shaft bellows covers feature of oil resistance, water resistance, dustproof and shaving resistance etc

  • Sewn bellows are made of heavy-duty elastomer-coated fabric stitched with nylon or special thread  

  • Sewn seams let these bellows breathe, so they retract quickly in fast-cycling applications.

shaft bellows covers

  Round Bellows with center ring

  • If there has depression inside shaft bellows , then steel rings should be fitted inside the bellow coils for contracting the push of pressure.

  • center ring can prevents rub between bellows and shaft,pistons, spindles, linear guides etc.

  • circular bellows each end for mounting with optional clamps (collars can be replaced with metal & plastic flanges)

cylindrical bellows

 hydraulic cylinder rod boots

  • Slide these bellows over moving parts, such as rods and shafts, then secure the cuff ends with hose clamps

round bellow cover

cylindrical bellows

  • Screw mount the metal flange ends to surfaces, with cutomized pre-drilled holes

Steel Cable Chain Application

cylinder bellow cover

Shaft bellows made from a core of rigid polyamide fabric with layers of PVC on either side. These round bellow cover being often regarded as the most used components for protecting spindles, shafts,screws, rods, columns and the optical fibre in laser machines. 

round bellows with cuff ends

Crane rigs often feature hydraulic cylinders, which required to operate with long service life between maintenance and inspection periods.​ ETECTS brought in a better shaft bellows design which included rigid polyamide fabric, with good relation between Lmin and Lmax, and easier installation.Durable sewn bellows designed to withstand outdoor aggressive operating conditions.The zipper feature is essential for installation and future access, two end hose clamps for easy installation

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